Apple filed suit against Samsung over the Look and Feel of the Galaxy S phone Line, specifically over the Touchwiz (TW) interface, as stated in the WSJ here. I have a few opinions to share.

First, the case has no merit because Apple has over stepped its bounds. The lawsuit specifically names the Nexus S, the current reference google phone, which doesn’t have TW. This suit will be thrown out and a new one will be filed and by then the Galaxy II line will be shipping

Second, TW is the worst part about the Galaxy S line. I own a Samsung Epic 4G and spent all of 3 minutes before I rooted and installed a ROM sans TW. I left the iPhone to get away from the square icons and side-scrolling UI and I’m not getting stuck with them again.

Hopefully Samsung either abandons TW completely or takes a hint from HTC and redesigns it to take advantage of the power and flexibility of Android. Whether its voluntary or by the order of a judge it can only make the Samsung line better.

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