My iPhone got “Paul Sheldon’ed”

Apple pulled the curtain on iPhone OS4 last week and I thought that I would weigh in on all the hullabaloo.  Let me first state that I, shamefully, own an iPhone 3G.  I say shamefully not because I dislike the phone, but because Apple has abandoned it, like last years prized poodle that has lost all control of it’s bowels. Sadly I wont be able to take advantage of all the cool features in the new OS including multitasking.  But I guess I can’t expect LAST YEARS PHONE technology to be cutting edge anymore, right?

Fuck That.
Steve Jobs you are a douche.  You told everyone who bought an iPhone more than 10 monthes ago, “Thanks for the cash, now go fuck yourself and gimme more”
Not only can my pathetic 3G multitask, it has been doing just that from the day it came out of the box.   I activated the advanced features mode on my iPhone codename Jailbreak.
I don’t subscribe(bend over) to the thought of Apple’s “closed garden.”  Apple created an amazing piece of hardware, an amazing operating system to run the amazing hardware. Then they put a giant padlock on the door with a signing saying “Steve says.”  Its a travesty.  Its like grilling up an amazing steak and then cutting that the off the char and blending the core into a fine paste, then pushed into my stomach via tube.  Sure I ate a steak, but the experience is missing out on something.

My phone can do amazing things, even if Steve says it can’t.  This problem goes back a long long time, but i’ll stick to phones.  The original iPhone still can’t legitimately do MMS.  There has been a jailbreak patch for this problem, but its still not supported through Apple.  It can email pictures, post pictures to facebook, flickr, myspace, picasa, but it can’t send it via a text message.  Why?  I dont know and I doubt it isn’t anything more than a reason to make you upgrade.  My iPhone 3G will never be able to, because of hardware “limitations”, multitask or record video according to Apple.  But guess what?  It can and it does.

When Jobs first introduced the iPhone the leap in technology it embodied was amazing, but since then its advancement has been limited to slowly catching up to the hype.  The orginal iPhone lacked several key features that other smartphones or general handsets of the day had; 3G, video capture, copy and paste, applications, multitasking, MMS, Custom ring/sms tones, wallpaper, exchange support, GPS, and the list goes on and on.  All the later versions of the phone have just introduced one or two of these features at a time.  Features, as said before, that should have been in the phone at its first launch.  And in each iteration the oldest model, bought but the earliest of adopters, have been locked out of the latest features for no reason other that to increase sales of the latest and “greatest” model.
My point is that Apple abuses their products and by association their customers, aka me.   They cripple the product with missing features and hardware.  Then they slowly release updated models, one feature at a time, and strap the prior model to a bed and hobble it once and for all before putting it out to pasture never to be thought of again.
So here I stand, with my rejected and hobbled bastard of a son iPhone 3G.  I’m just waiting for its screen to break, or battery to die, or some other mortal wound to catch, which if my brother is any indictator should happen every 2 months or so.  When it does I’m off the Apple boat.  I’m not positive where I’m going yet, but it wont be with a company that thinks I’m an idiot.
I’m not going to even start with iAds
Side Note:  Feel free to comment but I will not respond to flamers, other than to label you an asshole.  This is my opinion if you don’t like it or agree with it, piss off.

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