Haters, WTF?

>Haters, WTF?

I've always been confused by all the haters out there.  Haters are people that spend a large portion of their lives seeking out things to hate.  The concept that I find so perplexing is that a "hater" will activly search out, study, get angery over, and then complain about something which they all ready knew that they hated.  All that work to only prove to themselves that they do indeed hate the thing that they hated.  It would be fine if it stopped there, but its a constant struggle for the hater to find the next reason to hate its target.  Its like knowing fire is hot, but touching it anyway and then blaming the fire for being hot, then repeating the whole process again.  The fire is hot idiot, gerbils know better than you.

Part two of their odd personality is that they don't seem to understand that their opinion is just an opinion, not holy law handed down from God himself on stone tablets.  In their minds there is no distinction between opinion and fact. Perhaps its not their fault.  They may have some hormone imbalance that disrupts the distinction between fact and opinion, despite the news placing them in two different sections of the paper.  I'd ask a hater to explain themselves but i dont have the time to hear about how the moon landing was faked.

And we come to part three.  Haters will start off simply and slowly lure and misdirect you until you have somehow marched from "Nice day isn't it?" to "Tiananmen square was a crime against democracy!" You look back and you have no recollection of how you arrived at this topic.  The short answer is that you were tricked into a hater battle!

Haters wouldn't bother me so much, but they literally bother me.  Which brings me to part four off my hater-hate.  The must voice their God given opinions (facts) from the hill tops and force your attention and understanding, lest you get a tongue lashing of facts that support their soapbox declarations.  They will continue bombardment until you yield your point and walk away in shame. 

The internet has spawned a whole new breed of haters, aka Trolls.  Haters with an aversion towards sunlight have found a haven in the anonymity and instant gratification of the web. It has created a battlefield for trolls, large and small,  to face off against each other on a public stage, at the expense of normal non-haters.  Which is possible the greatest aspect of the hater club, There are two(or more) sides to every topic.  Troll battles have reached such magnitude that some major web sites have turned off comments to deny Trolls their battlefields. All of this is at the expense of non hates who just want to know when the new iPhone is coming out.  Presently you cannot find an actual fact on the internet that hasn't been buried by the muck of hater battles.  
The vast majority of people out their are not haters, but they are also the soft spoken ones.  A single troll can silence and subdue a platoon of normal people.  Mostly because normal people have better things to do than to argue with BiGnUts4U about the validity of JJ Abrams alternate timeline theory in the new Star Trek on Amazon.com. (It's awesome BTW)

Some(trolls) will argue that this post also makes me a hater.  I will just point out that no one has to read my crappy 2-bit blog, and I freely admit that this is just my opinion and no one has to agree with me.  And maybe I have a little hater in me too.

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