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I got home last night and started to get a message that my data drive is out of space.  A quick look and my 750GB drive is currently using 99.98% of space.  I find this weird since the last time I checked I had over 600GB free.  I look through all the files and nothing is adding up to 600GB until I check the hidden logfiles.  There lurking in the home folder is a 600GB logfile.  A couple clicks later the file has been deleted and I’m restarting my machine.  Login screen comes up and I type in my password and nothing happens.  I can’t log in, I broke Ubuntu again.

I have had it.  I don’t really have the time to support a system like this and I don’t really want to.  I’m sure that with time and training I could have this system up and running just like I want it, but not at this point in time.

I am done with Ubuntu, for now.  I am moving on, end of line.

I would like to try out ChromeOS (http://chromeos.hexxeh.net/) but the USB drive I have today is not big enough to make a bootable install drive.  Tonight I start a Windows 7 install.   It’s not ideal, its not fast, but its easy and solid.

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  1. Following the last several posts tells a very sad story.

    Accurate [I had a similar stopped-working-after-a-reboot problem that killed my Ubuntu install]…but sad.

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