How to Backup (some) Telltale Save Games on Android (no root required)

I love gaming.  One of the main reasons I purchased my Nexus 9 was the ability to play on the go.  I played through The Walking Dead Season 1 and quickly moved on to Season 2, Game of Thrones, and Tales from the Borderlands.

One of the greatest fears of all gamers is the loss of save data.  Playing a game once is awesome, playing it again to restore lost progress is painful.

With the 5.0.2 patch, my Nexus 9 was in the unfortunate lot of dead tablets.  After an afternoon of command line flashing action, I had a functional Nexus again, but four Telltale game saves were gone.


Tales from the Borderlands and Game of Thrones are easy and don’t require root.

The game save data is /sdcard/Telltale  Each game has its own folder.  Simply copy and paste the entire folder to the backup destination of your choice.  If you want to restore save data, copy from backup to /sdcard/Telltale.

I’ve uninstalled the game and reinstalled, the game data survives.  I’ve even copied game saves from my rooted Nexus 9 to my stock Moto X without any issues.

The folders are tiny (~100kb).  Once you backup you shouldn’t have any issues uninstalling the game (>700MB) to save space on your device.

There you are, my precious
There you are, my precious
No save game data on my MotoX
A quick copy and paste of my Nexus 9 save game data.

The Walking Dead games use a different save file, I found that Titanium Backup works, but requires root.  A non-root solution Like Helium might work but i haven’t tested it.

My 2 cents on the Comcast-Time Warner Merger

Comcast has been touting the fast that “Rival” Time-Warner does not compete with Comcast in any zipcode, so merging the two companies would have no impact on the number of provides in a given area.

My question is how can two multi-billion dollar companies, in the same market, not actually compete in any geographical area?

If we look at any other industry, there is overlap. Cell phone providers, fast food restaurants, taxi services, department store, airlines, and the list goes on and on.

The answer can only be collusion. The companies have an agreement to stay out of each other’s way and reduce competition in the agreed-upon territories This is a business practice called “Dividing Territories” and its quite illegal.

The merger will probably go through due to the MASSIVE amount of money that the telcom have spent on congress.

With all the news of the new Net Neutrality regs, and the recent comcast-netflix deal competition in this market is paramount. Reducing the players is a bad move, even if they aren’t competing with each other.

+Google Fiber save us all

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